Fabrizio Stenti 07/02/2015 – 28/02/2015

Fabrizio Stenti (Naples, 1979) Lives and works in Brussels. He graduated in architecture in Italy and now cultivates interests in the renewable energy and material recovery.
Since 2007, traveling between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium studied the different approaches to the recovery of materials, and is focused towards those waste, in particular their reintegration in a new production process.

In 2010 creates WorkWithWaste
An alternative method that produces creativity circumventing the system of over-production by exploiting their potential. It is an educational strategy that works on the value of imperfection, against the idea of « perfection » imposed by society.

All creations are made with materials taken from the streets. All materials are used as they are found are not adjusted or recovered.

simplifications of forms, essentiality. imperfections, illogical situation, charm errors, negligence and visual discomfort. They are mostly the predominant features of the graphic research.

Charter of variable size, patiently and carefully selected and cut, is then glued combining the pieces, like pieces of a mosaic, thus creating two levels of design (the first is from the margins highlighted by the change in tone and the second by the sum of ‘color information contained)

During the last 4 years he has participated in several competitions being selected as a finalist artist:

Napoli 2012 , Picagallery – Personal exibition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Tbh1HWeQM
Premio Francesco Fabri 2012  – Selected Artist http://www.fondazionefrancescofabbri.it/premio-francesco-fabbri/premio-francesco-fabbri-ed1/finalisti/
Eterne Partenze , Bologna 2012  – Selected Artist http://eternepartenze.altervista.org/selected.html
Rikea Competition , Faenza 2012 – Winner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGVMlR3GNcw
Winner Rikea :  http://www.micfaenza.org/it/mostre/242-rikea-nella-mia-citta.php
Art Gallery , Milano 2013  – Selected Artist http://associazioneartgallery.org/contest-finalisti-page.php?cat=14&edizione=4
Yicca international contest 2014 – Selected Artist http://yicca.org/it/

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